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Christmas Tree Hunting

It is becoming a tradition to go cut down our own Christmas tree.  I like this for a few reasons.  First, it’s fun to get out in the middle of a muddy field, look for the perfect tree, and find it.  Second, I love that Jesse can show off his man-skills by cutting down the tree.  Third, we like trees that are little more sparse so there’s room to hang the ornaments, and it’s often hard to find these at Christmas tree lots.

Last year we with with my dad and step-mom and had quite an adventure (including our trailer un-hitching from the tractor and the tractor driver not noticing).  This year we went with my mom and step-dad and had a less eventful, but just-as-fun time.

This year we went to the bargain field (which is actually the same field we found our full-price tree in last year, just way more picked over this year (obviously)) and found my favorite tree we’ve ever had.IMG_8008a












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