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Snowy December Day

We don’t usually get amazing amounts of snow here in the Willamette Valley, but this week the weathermen were predicting snow.  We have learned never to trust weather forecasts (unless the forecast says rain), so we were all skeptical.  When I woke up on Friday, I was amazed to see that it had snowed a couple inches, and that it was still snowing!

It ended up snowing all day long, which is even more unusual.  If we get snow it’s usually gone by the afternoon.  I remember one day in high school where they cancelled school, and the roads were completely dry by 10am.  I watched movies at a friend’s house that day, and it was amazing.   Anyhow, this time, not only did the snow stick around, but it just kept falling.

It was really beautiful, and I only had to venture out in it once.  Jesse had to work (and actually came and got Harriet and me for our outing), but got to come home a little early.  It was fun to get to play in the snow as a whole family.  Alma’s friend, Rory, and his family met us on the street for some sledding.



Harriet's Angel





We got out Jesse’s old sled and he pulled the two old kids around in it for a long time.  Alma and Rory loved it.






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