And then they…

the things we do to live a better life.

Back to work

I am starting a six week job this week. I have subbed a couple days in the past couple weeks, but this is a full time job. I will be teaching 6th and 7th grade language arts.  I am glad to be doing this job, at this school. But.


I will be leaving my girls. My grumpy, teething girls. The girls who are getting their snot all over my clothes all the time. The girls who whine when they are hungry (which is all the time if you are wondering).  The girls who sometimes refuse naps in a very passionate way. These girls who can get on my last nerve.  But.


These are the girls who I love with the equivalent of two hearts. The girls I love to feed. And comfort. And make happy. The girls who I try so hard to understand.  Even in passionate, nerve fraying moments.

These are my girls. My tribe. Six weeks.







I think we can survive 6 weeks.


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2 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. You definitely can survive & thrive! Your time together will be made that much sweeter. What a blessing to have been able to stay home with them for so many months! You’re such a good Mama & teacher! Enjoy those goofy middle schoolers! 😜

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