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On My Mind

Two things are on my mind right now.  Let me share.

1.  Idina Menzel (yes, Travolta, that is her name) is in danger of forever being type-cast.  Here’s my evidence.  She played:

  • a woman with a special power
  • the power is feared by others
  • she tried to control the power
  • the power got out of hand
  • the woman belts out a power ballad that shows how she’s going to move on, and embrace her power
  • the woman went to the mountains to live an isolated life
  • the woman had a sister, whom she loved
  • she hurt her sister, while trying to help her
  • people hunted her

Now I ask, is that Elphaba or Elsa?  It’s totally either, or both, right?!

I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this.

And, hey, if you’re the best at doing something, stick to it!  And Idina is the best at belting, so keep it up, lady!

2.  I know it is completely ridiculous, but when my children sleep later than normal, I totally flip out.  Why can’t I just enjoy the extra sleep without instantly assuming they are dead or something is terribly wrong?  I guess that’s what motherhood is.

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