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Well, She’s Two.

Here’s our pre-dinner conversation with Alma, March 18th, 2014:

Alma: *trips over toy boat* AAAAAWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
Dad: Oh no!  You’re okay!  Do you need a hug?
Dad: Mom’s cooking dinner right now, but I can give you a hug.
Mom: Uh oh!  Did you fall down?  Are you okay? (she is clearly okay)
Mom:  I can pick you up in just a second.  I need to finish this right now.
Mom:  Want to look in the oven?  See what’s cooking?
Mom:  Can you tell me what you want?
Mom:  Do you want me to pick you up?
This continues in roughly the same way for about 10 minutes, with both mom and dad suggesting things to help Alma cheer up.
Mom: Okay, dinner’s ready! (this is usually very motivating for Alma)
Mom:  Okay.  You can either eat with our family, or sit on the stairs until you calm down enough to join us.
Dad: So, how was your day?
Mom:  It was pretty good!  I’m really…
Alma: *tries to climb into mom’s lap* WAAAAAA!
Mom: *ignores climbing puddle of a toddler*… tired.  How was your day?

End scene. Who is this creature we lovingly invited into our home, and our dining room?



A Love Letter to My Two-Year-Old

Dear Alma,

Today you turn two years old.  Two years ago, you gave me the best thing in the world.  You gave me you.  You made me a mom.  You made me your mom.  That is important for you to know.  I love being your mom.  You are best two-year-old there ever was.  As your mom, I’m supposed to think that, but believe me, Alma, it is true.  I have never known anything to be more true than that.  You are the best.  You are beautiful, Alma.

Your mind is the best.  Right now you are talking to yourself, or your dolls, or your dreams, in your crib.  You should be napping, but I love to hear your sweet voice through your door.  The nap will come soon enough, when you decide to lay your head on your pillow and fall asleep.  As a two-year-old, I see things in you that weren’t there last year.  You are able to play by yourself so well.  Your imagination astonishes me everyday.  You create little games, and turn toys into different things all the time.  Your creativity is beautiful, Alma.

Your body is the best.  Your body has grown so much this year.  You are really learning how to use your strong, graceful, energetic body.  You love dancing so much these days.  Ever since we saw the Nutcracker at the library, you are a regular little ballerina.  You ask for music all the time.  When the music comes on, you dance.  I love watching everything about how you dance.  You get such a serious face, or sometimes a proud little grin.  You control your body as you mimic what you saw the dancers do.  I can tell that in your mind, you look just like them.  I love how you seamlessly go between the soft moves of the Sugar Plum Fairy, to the sword thrusting moves of the Mouse King.  And you can jump!  Boy, how you can jump!  Your body is beautiful, Alma.

Your brain is the best.  You learn new words everyday.  The words you’ve known for a long time are starting to come out of your little mouth, in your most amazing voice.  You are starting to learn your colors.  You call me Mom or Mama.  Your dad is Daddy or Dada or somethings Jesse.  Harriet is Hathhh with your tongue sticking out.  You love to look at books.  You love to read them yourself, making up amazing stories in your own little language.  You like to tell these stories to Harriet.  You can follow my directions.  You are quick to figure things out, like how to use your blocks, unlock Nana’s cell phone, buckle your high chair straps.  Your brain is beautiful, Alma

Your love is the best.  I have seen your love in such an incredible way this year.  When you met your sister, I think your heart must have grown a few sizes.  The way you look at her, especially now that she’s starting to be more fun, is astonishing.  You love to see Harriet looking at you, watching you, smiling at you.  I can tell you love having Harriet on your team.  Your love is beautiful, Alma.

You are the best.  You are so, so beautiful, Alma.  I am so excited to see the ways you will grow more beautiful this year, Alma.


Your Mommy

Baby Alma

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