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Friday gratitudes 5


Friday: wine

Saturday: friends, the Henrys came for dinner. It had been too long.

Sunday: friends, super bowl watching with some fun, funny friends.

Monday: reading

Tuesday: church, we had our Itty Bitty Bible Study and it was so full of kids this week! So grateful to finally meet my friend’s daughter recently brought home from Uganda.

Wednesday: Jesse, when Alma woke up sick I was incredibly grateful to have a partner like Jesse in this crazy parenthood job.

Thursday: house & dad, I am grateful to have a warm house on these snowy days, and my dad is wonderful. It was his last day of work before retirement. He had a wonderful career and is well respected in our community. I am very proud of him. And grateful for how hard he worked for our family for so many years. Also, he drove through the snow to bring us more hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.


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