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Friday Gratitudes 20

Friday the 16th: Culture. In the morning, I took the girls and my mom to story time at the library.  Then we tried to go to the art museum.  We ran out of time, but we got to eat at the cafe, and see some of the outdoor sculptures.  Then, we went to hear my step-dad’s band play at a benefit.  Lots of fun culture!

Saturday the 17th: Pedicure.I don’t really need to explain why I’d be grateful for a pedicure do I?

Sunday the 18th: Plans. We had some friends over for lunch, and planned a really fun vacation with them this summer!  Now all we need to do is wait!  Oh man!

Monday the 19th: Subbing. Seriously.  Subbing is the best.  No grading, no planning.  Monday was a half-day job, too, so no pressure.  I get to hang out with kids, see what they’re working on, teach a couple lessons (sometimes), and take off.

Tuesday the 20th: Growing.

Wednesday the 21st: Art.This time mom and I actually made it into the museum with the girls.  And boy was it cool!  There are some great exhibits at the U of O Art Museum these days.  “Medusa Smack” was Alma’s favorite.

Thursday the 22nd: Pool.Alma loved playing in her pool for the first time this summer.  I can’t wait for more swimming time with my little fish.


Friday Gratitudes 19






Friday the 9th: Imagination.  I am constantly amazed by Alma’s imagination. This is such a fun age.

Saturday the 10th: Play. I love how Alma can play while we work. Also, we saw an amazing play at Oregon Contemporary Theatre starring my beautiful and talented friend Hillary Ferguson. Go see it!

Sunday the 11th: Mothers.

Monday the 12th: Babies.

Tuesday the 13th: Work.

Wednesday the 14th: Daniel. We got to have lunch with my incredible brother, who is now on vacation in Europe before moving to Virginia.

Thursday the 15th: Forgiveness. I had to be very forgiving as it was possibly my worst day as a parent. Lots of different bodily fluids all over. Also grateful at my daughters’ capacity to forgive my frustration.

So glad it’s Friday again!

Friday Gratitudes 18









Friday the 2nd: Education. My last day at my long term job.

Saturday the 3rd: Finley. Our sweet little buddy had to have his appendix removed. We were all so grateful that it went well!

Sunday the 4th: Friends.

Monday the 5th: Alicia.  Alma was sick, so  we went see ‘Doctor’ Alicia. She’s actually a physician’s assistant, and we love her.

Tuesday the 6th: Science!  We got to go to a benefit dinner for The Science Factory. Experiments are still awesome.

Wednesday the 7th: Studies. H and I participated in a pilot study at the university. I love that we are surrounded by smart people who are trying to make a better world.

Thursday the 8th: Justice.  While subbing, I got to witness some of my favorite girls exercising their rights by staging a protest.

Friday gratitudes 14










Friday the 4th:  Fridays.  I was really feeling gratitude for having fridays.  It could be because I had worked a full week, and was just very happy to be home for a whole weekend with my family.

Saturday the 5th: Henrys.

Sunday the 6th: Jerry’s.   We started working on our fun shelving project!

Monday the 7th: BBQ.  Yay spring!

Tuesday the 8th: Gram’s House. I know.  Two words.  But one idea.

Wednesday the 9th: Sunshine.

Thursday the 10th: Magic. I had a wonderfully magic day with my students – full of social justice, self advocacy, hijinks, and hilarity.  Then I got to go meet the magic that is baby Ashland.  My sweet and talented friend Evynne and her husband, Peter have a new baby. I was lucky enough to take them dinner, and hold Ashland while they ate.  I was blown away by the positivity that all three of the Hollens were exuding.  And I was blown away with the realization of how fast this flys by.  My baby was Ashland’s size mere months ago.  My oh my.


Friday Gratitudes 10





Friday the 7th: Mom. My lovely mom helped me get ready for the baptism party, and watched A, H, and another baby so we could meet with our priest.

Saturday the 8th: Babes, or more specifically the Babes With Axes.

Sunday the 9th: God.  Our sweet Harriet was baptized and it was wonderful.

Monday the 10th: Home.

Tuesday the 11th: Smoker.  My dad had us over for ribs cooked on his new smoker.  Best. Ribs. Ever.

Wednesday the 12th: Olivia S. Is an amazing teacher and such a helpful, positive person.

Thursday the 13th: Honey.  For my horrible sore throat. 

Friday Gratitudes 9

AndThenThey - Harriet Hattie AndThenThey - Hattie and a Sweet Potato AndThenThey - FrozenAndThenThey - Birdhouse

AndThenThey - Crafting for NovruzAndThenThey - Running in the Rain AndThenThey - Rain Reflections AndThenThey - A the GymAndThenThey - SamaniFriday the 28th- Calm.  Both Jesse and I were able to keep our calm when Alma smashed her face into our bed and blood was pouring our of her mouth.  I think a tooth went through her lip, but the bleeding stopped pretty quickly, so we just gave her some ice and watched it.  Scary to see our baby’s blood outside her body.  So grateful that we didn’t freak out, and that we kept her from mirrors, so she didn’t freak out.

Saturday the 1st – Frozen.  Again.  We took Alma to her first movie and she loved it.  I really hope she acquires my love for musicals.

Sunday the 2nd – Oscars.

Monday the 3rd – Dr.Bradshaw.  We really have the best pediatrician in the world.  She has been a hero of mine since my 19th birthday.  We had Harriet’s 6 month check-up, and as always, Dr. Bradshaw was a breath of fresh air.  I’m not sure she knows just how much she means to me, but that’s okay.

Tuesday the 4th – Toddlers. I love watching Alma interact with her friends.  She is learning so much, making so many mistakes, doing so many strange things.  I’m glad to see her with other odd little ducks.

Wednesday the 5th – Ashes. We didn’t actually make it to an Ash Wednesday service, but I was glad to know it was happening.  And the season of Lent always feels sort of magical.

Thursday the 6th – Gymnastics. We met a couple sweet friends for the open-gym time at a local gym.  These kids are so much fun, and so able!

Friday Gratitudes – 8

And Then They - DoiliesAnd Then They - Music ClassAnd Then They - SwingingAnd They They - SunningAnd Then They - 33And Then They - CurlsAnd Then They - SavorAnd Then They - Irises And Then They - Strolling

Friday the 21st:  Subbing – My first day back at work.  Oh boy do I love middle schoolers!  I missed my babes, but it was great to spend some time with those amazing big kids.

Saturday the 22nd: Music – Incredible music class taught by my talented friend Jodie.

Sunday the 23rd: Puddles

Monday the 24th: Swings

Tuesday the 25th: Friends – Such a great way to celebrate my birthday.

Wednesday the 26th: Frozen – A wonderful movie to see with my dear friends.  It completely satisfied my love of musical theater.

Thursday the 27th: Pandora – My Audra McDonald station is on a roll of my favorite songs right now.  Gotta be grateful for that!

Friday Gratitudes 7


I can’t believe I’m just getting to posting my ‘Friday’ gratitudes today.  On Friday, I was only home for about an hour the whole day.  It was my first day back to work subbing, so it was the first time leaving Harriet for more than a couple hours.  Then we had a dinner event on Friday night.  Such a fun time.  Such a full life.

Friday the 14th – Ballerinas.  Awesome ballet time at the public library.  Oh. My. Gosh. Am I grateful for the story times at our libraries.

Saturday the 15th – Friends.  I seem to be grateful for our friends quite often.

Sunday the 16th – Family.  Our nephew’s baptism meant that Alma and Harriet got to be with all seven of their cousins.  Wow.

Monday the 17th – Rach.  Alma’s BFF.

Tuesday the 18th – Fullness.  Busy, full, beautiful day.

Wednesday the 19th – Home.  All day at home, but so grateful for such a great place to spend so much time.

Thursday the 20th – Music.  Fun music time at a toy store (The Dancing Weasel).

Friday Gratitudes 6

Friday the 7th –  Health.  After dealing with two days of throwing up, I was so happy to have a healthy Alma again.

Saturday the 8th – Power.  Much of our town was without electricity for quite a while.  I was so grateful that our power stayed on.  I didn’t know what I would do with my two little ones if it got super cold in our house.

Sunday the 9th – Club.  I got to get out of the house to go to a baby shower for a sweet friend who’s in a sort of club of moms with me.  I also got out again to go to book club.  I love all my lady-friends!

Monday the 10th – Grandparents.

Tuesday the 11th – Phone-calls.  I got some good ones today.

Wednesday the 12th –  Alone.  I got some amazing alone time getting coffee and an allergy shot.  Hey!  I take what I can get!

Thursday the 13th – Date.  Drinks and appetizers with my Valentine.

And Then They - Candles Make Light

Friday gratitudes 5


Friday: wine

Saturday: friends, the Henrys came for dinner. It had been too long.

Sunday: friends, super bowl watching with some fun, funny friends.

Monday: reading

Tuesday: church, we had our Itty Bitty Bible Study and it was so full of kids this week! So grateful to finally meet my friend’s daughter recently brought home from Uganda.

Wednesday: Jesse, when Alma woke up sick I was incredibly grateful to have a partner like Jesse in this crazy parenthood job.

Thursday: house & dad, I am grateful to have a warm house on these snowy days, and my dad is wonderful. It was his last day of work before retirement. He had a wonderful career and is well respected in our community. I am very proud of him. And grateful for how hard he worked for our family for so many years. Also, he drove through the snow to bring us more hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

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