And then they…

the things we do to live a better life.

Friday Gratitudes 20

Friday the 16th: Culture. In the morning, I took the girls and my mom to story time at the library.  Then we tried to go to the art museum.  We ran out of time, but we got to eat at the cafe, and see some of the outdoor sculptures.  Then, we went to hear my step-dad’s band play at a benefit.  Lots of fun culture!

Saturday the 17th: Pedicure.I don’t really need to explain why I’d be grateful for a pedicure do I?

Sunday the 18th: Plans. We had some friends over for lunch, and planned a really fun vacation with them this summer!  Now all we need to do is wait!  Oh man!

Monday the 19th: Subbing. Seriously.  Subbing is the best.  No grading, no planning.  Monday was a half-day job, too, so no pressure.  I get to hang out with kids, see what they’re working on, teach a couple lessons (sometimes), and take off.

Tuesday the 20th: Growing.

Wednesday the 21st: Art.This time mom and I actually made it into the museum with the girls.  And boy was it cool!  There are some great exhibits at the U of O Art Museum these days.  “Medusa Smack” was Alma’s favorite.

Thursday the 22nd: Pool.Alma loved playing in her pool for the first time this summer.  I can’t wait for more swimming time with my little fish.


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