And then they…

the things we do to live a better life.

Friday Gratitudes 18









Friday the 2nd: Education. My last day at my long term job.

Saturday the 3rd: Finley. Our sweet little buddy had to have his appendix removed. We were all so grateful that it went well!

Sunday the 4th: Friends.

Monday the 5th: Alicia.  Alma was sick, so  we went see ‘Doctor’ Alicia. She’s actually a physician’s assistant, and we love her.

Tuesday the 6th: Science!  We got to go to a benefit dinner for The Science Factory. Experiments are still awesome.

Wednesday the 7th: Studies. H and I participated in a pilot study at the university. I love that we are surrounded by smart people who are trying to make a better world.

Thursday the 8th: Justice.  While subbing, I got to witness some of my favorite girls exercising their rights by staging a protest.


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