And then they…

the things we do to live a better life.

Friday Gratitudes 17

Maybe now that I am not working full time, I will be able to post my Friday Gratitudes on Fridays!







Friday the 25th: Tequila. 🙂

Saturday the 26th: Parents. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such great, caring, giving, funny, smart, and talented parents – both our own, and all of our friends who are parents. We have an amazing community.

Sunday the 27th: Home.

Monday the 28th: Kids. My mom brought my kids to school at the end of the day. I loved introducing my kids to ‘my kids.’

Tuesday the 29th: Mom. She had been so generous to watch my girls while I worked. 

Wednesday the 30th: Cedar. Can’t believe this boy is 5.

Thursday the 1st: Play. I took my 6th graders on a walk, then let them play capture the flag. I was surprised and excited to see the playful spirit they still possessed.


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