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Dear Harriet – 6 Months

Dear Harriet,

I can’t tell you how glad I am that you are in our family.  You have made our family so much more fun!  Your sister, your daddy, and I love to see your sweet smiles.  You smile with your whole body, bringing your hands together in front of your body.  It’s like you’re trying to grab the joy and pull it to your heart.  I try to take it all in, because it’s so clear that you are trying to do the same.

You are an expert sitter.  You have been for quite a while.  You are happy to sit somewhere where you can see the action.  You like to be somewhere you can watch your sister run around, dance, and play.  You love it when she stops and gives you some attention and love.

You are patient and mellow, except when you’re not.  And when you’re not, you make it known.  You have a very loud voice, and you love to use it.

You sleep through the night, mostly.  You do like to wake up one time in the early morning for a snack, but usually go back to sleep for a couple hours afterward.  The other night you slept until 7:18 and I was amazed!  Let’s keep that up!

You are growing right on track.  At your appointment with Dr. B today she said you are perfect.  I quite agree.

I love you, and love everything you bring to our family.


Your Mommy

And Then They - 6 Months Already


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