And then they…

the things we do to live a better life.

Friday Gratitudes – 8

And Then They - DoiliesAnd Then They - Music ClassAnd Then They - SwingingAnd They They - SunningAnd Then They - 33And Then They - CurlsAnd Then They - SavorAnd Then They - Irises And Then They - Strolling

Friday the 21st:  Subbing – My first day back at work.  Oh boy do I love middle schoolers!  I missed my babes, but it was great to spend some time with those amazing big kids.

Saturday the 22nd: Music – Incredible music class taught by my talented friend Jodie.

Sunday the 23rd: Puddles

Monday the 24th: Swings

Tuesday the 25th: Friends – Such a great way to celebrate my birthday.

Wednesday the 26th: Frozen – A wonderful movie to see with my dear friends.  It completely satisfied my love of musical theater.

Thursday the 27th: Pandora – My Audra McDonald station is on a roll of my favorite songs right now.  Gotta be grateful for that!


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