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Friday Gratitudes 4

Friday: Grams.  My mom is awesome with my girls and with me.

Saturday: Rory. Alma’s sweet friend. We pretty much spent the whole day with Rory and his fantastic parents.

Sunday: Olivia. Another of Alma’s sweet friends.  Another wonderful family we are blessed and grateful to know.

Monday: Girl tribe. I love that doing errands as a threesome is getting easier and more enjoyable.

Tuesday: Nature. We took the tiniest of hikes. I am so grateful to have nature so nearby and grandparents eager to show it off.

Wednesday: Daughters.

Thursday: Stroller. Our amazing two-seater makes our Girltribe outings possible. Especially like yesterday when we had errands downtown. We got to see my dad, my step-mom, get amazing Barn Light coffee, go to the fabric store (and have Alma contained!), and see a fire truck twice!

At the beginning of the week I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to fill our days…. ha!


A Little Moment – 1


I am ironing some fabric for my next project.

Alma is eating “appleboss” and blueberry “muffums” that she helped bake.

Harriet is watching Alma and sitting in her high chair.

My daughters are becoming friends.

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