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January Colorful Mantel (because the outside has no colors)

Every year this happens.  The fog descends and it just hangs out.  I’m an Oregon girl through-and-through.  I love the rain.  I love the crazy days that are rainy, sunny, windy, rainy, cloudy, and rainy all in the span of an hour.  I do not, however, enjoy the fog.  It’s depressing.  I would take an overcast day over a foggy day no question.  There’s something awful and claustrophobic about not being able to see the house across the street.

So…. I decided to brighten up my living room by creating a colorful mantel!  I pretty much just grabbed everything around that is colorful, threw it on the mantel, moved things around until I liked what I saw and called it good.  Easy-peasy.

All the Things

Obviously the lighting is bad for photos, since there isn’t a whole lot of natural light coming through the windows.

January Mantle

Here’s my favorite part.  A corn candle that my friend Kelsey gave us.  She’s from Iowa, so it’s the real day.  Something of such distinction clearly needs a decorative glass case.

Corn in a Dome

Here’s a question for you.  I’ve been toying with the idea of taking out the old wood stove, painting the bricks, sewing a cushion, and adding wood to the fireplace.  Some examples of this can be found on this Pinterest board I have.  I don’t want to paint the wood paneling because I love it and how cozy it feels.  Do you think it would look good to paint the brick white?

Here’s another photo that shows more of the fireplace (Alma is standing on bricks with red tiles):



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