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One Little Word – Gratitude


I have done Ali Edward’s One Little Word project in the past, but I’ve never really done much with it.  In 2009 my word was FOCUS because I was in grad school and knew that I needed to focus on my schoolwork, my marriage, my friends, whatever I was doing.  It worked for me that year.  Since 2009, I can’t remember if I ever picked a word.  Obviously it didn’t leave in impact if I did.

Every November, I like to do the 30 days of Thanksgiving, or 30 Days of Gratitude on Instagram.  It is fun to intentionally think of something everyday that I was thankful for.  It was often little things, but those things are important, too.  It feels so good to pay attention to, and acknowledge the things for which I am grateful. I want to feel that way the whole year.

For 2014, I want to really focus (there’s that word again) on being grateful.

Here’s a confession: Being home all the time with Alma and Harriet is really hard.  I spend a lot of time calculating how much time until Jesse comes home, we have a play date, my parents are coming over, nap-time… I don’t know that I am the kind of person who thrives being a stay-at-home full time parent.

That isn’t saying I don’t enjoy my kids, or my time at home with them.  I really love them, and get a lot out of being with them.  While it is hard being home, I can’t imagine how hard it would be to leave them (especially Harriet right now) somewhere else, or with someone else.  Whenever I do get a break from them, I find myself rushing back home to be with them again.  And boy do I miss them when they’re sleeping.  It’s a confusing feeling… when they’re awake I can’t wait to get them down, but when they’re down, I just want to hang out with them.

Anyway… I want to be grateful for this time.  I want to be more grateful during the time I have with my daughters.  I will never have kids this age again.  Alma is so funny, and I love watching her learn new things.  Harriet is just waking up to our amazing world.  I also want to be actively grateful for other things in my life.  I really am very lucky to have such a full life, I want to give thanks for it.

Gratitude. 2014, bring on the things for which to be thankful!


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5 thoughts on “One Little Word – Gratitude

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster on said:

    It’s a confusing feeling… when they’re awake I can’t wait to get them down, but when they’re down, I just want to hang out with them.

    Oh, how I know this feeling! I can’t wait for a little time to relax, but then when I have it . . . it feels empty.

    I love your 2014 word choice. I thought about doing this in 2013 but never got around to landing on a word. Maybe this year?

    • Do it! What word are you thinking of?

      • Deborah the Closet Monster on said:

        I haven’t landed on the exact word yet, but something like . . . slowness? I tend to hurry up and feel harried when doing so ends up making me less efficient. So I’d like to be slower and more peaceable about how I do things, though I don’t yet have the exact word for it. 😀

  2. Great idea! And I sympathize with the stay-at-home mom dilemma. It is so hard to embrace the moment, but maybe that is ok. We all do it. Have you seen the idea going around about starting a jar for great moments of the year? You put a piece of paper in it every time something nice or memorable happens, and then you open the jar at the end of the year and read them. Sounds like a sweet idea.

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